Sports and Recreational Facilities Cleaning

Our recreational cleaning services in Brisbane are designed to make sure you get the most out of your sports facility whether it’s a football club, cricket club, rugby club, dance studio or gymnasium. These specially designed areas are used frequently by people of all age ranges, from the youngest in society to the oldest so to prevent the spread of illnesses and general grime a frequent clean is needed to maintain the high standards demanded by members.

We understand that when you’re playing sports there is a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved as people compete against each other or against themselves to set new personal best records. The hot and sweaty environment can make for an unclean space after it has been used, locker rooms and showering areas being some of the worst offenders.

Contact sports involve running around on pitches of either grass, dirt or astroturf – all of which can harbour levels of bacteria you wouldn’t normally think about. When the game is over, this bacteria is brought back into the changing rooms and communal areas which has the potential to not only look untidy, but also carry with it the bacteria which could make someone ill – especially the very young and the elderly.

We’re here to make sure that our Brisbane sports facility cleaners pay special attention to such spaces, leaving them fresh, clean and sanitised to ensure that all players and spectators can enjoy their pursuits in a safe manner. We take care of everything you can imagine when it comes to the cleaning aspect of these facilities so you don’t have to.

We can clean interior spaces such as bathrooms, showers and communal areas such as spectator stands, however we can also go the distance and make sure that the area outside as a whole is clean and respectable, presenting your sports facility to both member players and spectators in the best possible light. This could be as simple as picking up fallen leaves, unclogging exterior gutters or assisting with changing lightbulbs which could present a safety issue if somewhere is not properly lit at dusk and night times.

We have lots of experience with cleaning gyms that are frequented seven days a week by gym buffs looking to maintain their physique. Whether you have a small gym or a large space with multiple pieces of equipment, our Brisbane gym cleaning services are designed around your needs and the needs of your patrons.

We can arrive before or after the gym opens or closes, so that your valued customers will never have to see us, but at the same time benefit from all of the equipment being fully sterilised and cleaned hygienically to the highest of standards. Gyms usually have basic cleaning materials in place for individuals to use after they have used a piece of equipment, however we know that this is not always followed to the letter, so we’re here to ensure that every piece of equipment is properly cleaned daily to maintain hygiene standards.

Get in touch today via our email address or phone number, and we’ll be more than happy to provide you a free quotation for your bespoke recreational facility cleaning services in Brisbane.

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