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We know all too well that providing a high level of cleanliness for education spaces in Brisbane is absolutely essential. Let’s face it, children are well-known for their overall low level of hygiene, whether it’s touching dirt in the playground or simply forgetting to wash their hands after using the bathroom. Multiply that by hundreds of children in an school or childcare setting and there is the perfect recipe for health hazards if proper cleanliness is not maintained. We understand it is imperative for schools to be properly sanitised to prevent outbreaks of viruses and bacteria which can spread quickly through the close contact children maintain both in the classroom and in the playground.

We’re here to provide quality school cleaning services in Brisbane, Childcare Cleaning Brisbane for all manner of education establishments. Every contract we create is bespoke and tailored to the individual school nursery or childcare facility because we understand each has a different level of requirements.

A childcare setting may only have a handful of children on a daily basis that is often in a residential setting with dedicated areas that need to be cleaned, however a primary school has multiple areas that need special attention – not just the classrooms, but bathrooms and eating areas. Secondary schools are similar, and although the children are older, a high level of cleanliness still needs to be maintained across multiple rooms within a single building.

As a team of trained and qualified cleaners, our Brisbane school cleaning services, Brisbane Childcare Cleaning Services are designed to make the most of our time there and ensure that every area is properly sanitised. We are highly flexible and can come into the establishment early in the morning to get the space ready for the school day, or we can come in the evenings once the facility has been vacated and provide a thorough clean. We are able to order and restock essential supplies such as hand sanitisers and toilet tissue so that every bathroom and communal area is always kept neat and tidy, ready to be used any time.

You can rest assured we’ll take care of all the most common areas that are high-touch and high-traffic, such as hallways and bathrooms, but we will also ensure that seats and tables are wiped down to maintain the best level of cleanliness possible. We have all of the equipment we need to vacuum carpets, and we will mop hard surfaces as often as required with antibacterial solutions to leave it looking and smelling fresh every day. We can even buff and polish wooden floors in assembly halls and sports halls every few weeks to keep them looking their best.

Our education cleaning services in Brisbane are very reliable because we operate as a team, so you will always have someone to clean for you whether one member of our team is unable to visit, ensuring that our level of service never drops. We also like to be able to offer our services in a trustworthy and transparent way, so you’ll never be hit with extra charges – the price we agree is the price you’ll pay both in the long and short term.

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